Monday, 5 March 2012

Of smelling salts and other re-agents…

After three winters treading my lonely path in the wilderness, acting as author, illustrator, designer,  publisher, publicist, promoter and salesman and 8,000 Curd the Lion and nearly 3,000 Flight of Birds later…

A pleasant surprise to usher in this Spring: I have somehow acquired me a literary agent, it seems.
(hence the need for smelling salts)

For which I have to thank Ian Drury of Sheil Land Associates…

For agreeing to represent me – and even being “happy to” – what a nice chap!

Sheil Land Associates also happen to represent some of my own favourite authors
(who deserve at least a line each):

Peter Ackroyd

Susan Hill

Rose Tremain


Barry Unsworth.

[It’s called making oneself feel better by association]

Mark this day with a White Stone.

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