Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Joined GoodReads website today (not sure what it is yet)

 The application form tickled me:

Interests — favorite subjects, or really anything you know a lot about.
The three I’s:Illustration, Idleness and Me.

What kind of books do you like to read?
The three F’s:Fantasy, Fiction and Philosophy.

About me — my own personal canvas to express myself.
Imagine a portrait of a young man of lean build, with dark brown shoulder-length hair, dark penetrating eyes, fine nose, sensitive lips with moustache and goatee beard, smooth limbed and easily tanned, often mistaken for those portraits of Jesus. You get the picture?
Scroll on forty years and you’re there!
In the peripatetic journey between, this young man has been a steel-tube cutter, news photographer, cartoonist, graphics editor of The Daily Telegraph (an English newspaper), illustrator of fact and fiction for publishers and publisher.
He has raised a five-a-side boys’ football (soccer) team and girl referee with his long-suffering wife who has finally relegated him to a shed at the bottom of the garden in which to play out his remaining fantasies which he logs in detail on his blog: while his more transient ejaculations appear on his twitter thing, OnundTreefoot.

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