Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Kids reviews – are the best!

A personal thanks to those kids who have been kind enough to send reviews. Some you can view now on where my book is being promoted this month!

And my latest – too late to appear there – here you are too!

Dear Alan Gilliland,
I am writing to you because I love your book. It was brilliant I have a couple of questions to ask you.Where do you live? and what is your favourite animal? and what your favourite food?
My favourite animal in the book is the hyena. and in real life it is a tiger My second favourite animal is a penguin.
I hope you make more books soon,
Yours sincerely,
Henry Alden (Burpham, Guildford)

Henry. In my letter back I forgot to answer your questions. Apologies.
My favourite animal is that tiger, wherever he is, who wouldn’t dream of eating me if he got the chance.
My favourite food might be the meat of the shark that never got the chance. Otherwise it could be prawns (only sometimes they give me anaphylactic shock - which could be their way of saying I shouldn’t have tried eating them). My brother got botulism poisoning from eating tinned pineapple once. I ate it too but luckily was immediate sick. And that doesn’t make you sick of the subject of food, I’ll eat my hat!
Oh, and if you ever meet that tiger, say ‘hello’ from me.