Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ben Gilliland shortlisted for Arthur C Clarke Award

Congrats to my son Ben, who has just been shortlisted for his ‘Cosm’ page in the Metro newspaper and Cosm website  ( for the Arthur C. Clarke award for the second year running.
Last year he was shortlisted along with BBC Online and BBC's Sky at Night magazine, for the 2010 Sir Arthur C Clarke award for Best Space Reporting.
The result will be made public on the 4th July.
[Just thought you ought to know this]

From his website “about me”:
Ben Gilliland joined the Metro newspaper in 1999 as graphics editor, and started the weekly MetroCosm science column in 2005. Since then MetroCosm has increased to a two-page feature and has become one of the paper's most popular sections. Its competitions have taken school children to Space Camps in America and Turkey and even as far afield as the Arctic ice cap. Ben Gilliland has spoken about science journalism at the Royal Aeronautical Society and regularly teaches at the Media Space Summer School at Queen Mary, University of London.