Thursday, 15 January 2009

First day: Curd the Lion & friends

FACT: I published my first book, ‘The Amazing Adventures of Curd the Lion (and Us!) in the Land at the Back of Beyond’ on 20th October 2008 in the UK. ISBN-9780955548611. FACT: I am publishing my first blog today, 15 January, 2009.

FICTION: Curd the Lion and Pilgrim Crow are Henry’s Animals. Sweeney the Heenie and O’Flattery the Snake are his Henrietta’s. Henry and Henrieta are twins. They live in a cottage below a mill pond whose stream originates high up in the Land at the Back of Beyond.
The Back of Beyond is a place somewhere between Yorkshire and the Land of Nod. The Land of Nod sits in the centre of the Great Sea of Slumber.
The Land of Nod is the realm of the Ineffable Emperor, the Dodongs, with his twin heads and scales instead of feathers, which are magical and so kept hidden on the inside, and hands instead of wings, with which the Dodongs swims gracefully through the Great Sea of Slumber, that is all round us if only we could see it (it is a matter of Density).

(You are probably wondering by now what the Dodongs looks like. Of course, if, like all sensible people, you have read the book, you will know already . If not, I have posted his picture along with lots of others from the book on the website, where they can be found under NEWS. He is also bottom left on the picture at the head of this blog.)

FACT: My name is not well known. I intend to keep those who do know, however, up to date on my stories. Eventually there may be enough readers to make this useful. I have been doing regular book-signings. I will post here, each week, where I am signing next. For instance, this Saturday, 17th Jan., I am signing at Waterstone’s, County Mall, Crawley West Sussex.

FICTION: Why “pencilnotes” when they are obviously typed? Because I have a Magic Pencil that creates whole worlds as long as I hold it upright, sharpen it regularly and make sure I’ve got enough paper to keep it well fed. When it becomes too short, to avoid any argument I go and buy another one. By this simple process I keep a well-tempered pencil that never runs out on me.
I am often asked, “where do your ideas come from?” I have just answered: “Putting my pencil to paper”. Sometimes it draws them out, sometimes describes them in words.
It’s very simple and can be tried by anyone.