Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Arthur Clarke Awards, 2013 – Ben Gilliland wins one (third time lucky)! Congratulations!

My oldest son, Ben, has just won the Sir Arthur Clarke Award, 2013: Space Achievement, Media, Broadcast and Written.

Here’s what they said about Ben’s Cosm pages in Metro:
"He is a talented writer who can use Alien farts as a hook into getting the general public interested in REAL science. His infographics are superb and he has been generous with sharing his content and articles free to schools. The single best reason to pick up a copy of Metro. Ben's regular Cosm column renders often very complex space/astronomy subjects in a very engaging way."
The awards are presented as part of the UK Space Conference and is given by the  UK Space Agency and British Interplanetary Society 

Third time lucky? He’s been nominated twice before – each time competing with TV programmes.

And he couldn’t even attend the ceremony, held in faraway (from Sussex) Glasgow, because too busy writing to deadline his next book!!

Here’s a link to his Cosm blog page.