Sunday, 26 April 2009

New reviews and apology for website glitch

Firstly, I would like to apologize to anyone who tried to post a review during the Easter Holidays. Due to a glitch on the review form’s ‘send’ button, no reviews were received.
I invite anyone who tried to re-send their reviews and I will put them up here and then move them to the ‘reader review’ set on the website by my colleague.

Here are a few new reviews:

I bought 2 copies of the book as a present – but read it first and really enjoyed it – can recommend it for young and old!

I read this book over along period of time: I don’t have four hours free in my average week. I met Alan in Waterstone’s, Tunbridge Wells on 17th April and I was just going to buy the second book in a series I have been reading and bumped into him on the second floor. He told me about the book and I decided to buy it as well as the other book.
A few days later, I have lost interest in the book I actually went in for, and have finally finished Curd the lion.
This witty tale was very confusing to me at first but I settled down to it as I read more. This is a great book. I am very happy to have a signed copy of this book, thank you.
Star rating /5 = *****- Excellent!

I thought, well, it was the best book I had ever read! The Minorbore was very funny: he looked extremely funny without his helmet on! I liked the way he tried to axe Sweeney and O'Flattery. And Curd was always puzzled!