Friday, 24 December 2010

Pre-Christmas signings success

From the First weekend in November (ie. after 'The Flight of Birds' by Alan Howard, ISBN 9780955548628 / ebook ISBN 9780955548666, both £9.99, came out) I have done 17 signings (not incl Sundays - two).
Total (incl. the 2 Sundays): 740 [Curd sold  417, FoB 323].

Average per day (not incl Sundays): 40.4
Curd 22 av (high 33)
FoB 18 av (score rising as I developed ways of selling this one - high 33)
Lower Curd average than prior to FoB arrival due to split attention.
I experimented in Waterstone’s Fareham where I did two successive days
Day one - Curd Curd 27 / FoB 20; total 47
Day two - Curd Curd 13 / FoB 33; total 46
to prove that The Flight of Birds does sell (while not wholly neglecting Curd).

A big ‘thank you’ to all those who kindly bought either book (or both)!