Friday, 16 March 2012

Jungian Synchronicity is alive and kicking

On Tuesday there occurred what Jung might call, perfect synchronicity.
I visited for the first time my brand shiny new about-to-be agent, Ian Drury, at Sheil Land Associates’ office in London.

At the same time my son, Ben, was sent an email invitation asking if he would like to be represented by the literary agent, Piers Blofeld from the very same address.
Piers has been a long-time admirer of my son’s ‘Cosm’ page in the Metro Newspaper. Deciding to look him up on the internet, Piers discovered Ben’s ‘Cosm’ website and also that he had authored a book for Dorling Kindersley and, wondering if he had an agent, contacted him.

Neither agent knew what the other was doing. Each was as surprised as the other (and as Ben and I were) when we each told them the next day of the serendipitous coincidence.
At the same time as I was chatting to Ian Drury about my Gothic horror/ghost story, ‘The Flight of Birds,’ a publisher whom I had approached last November asking if they would like to consider that book emailed me to say that they would and asked for a copy.

Synchronicity or just co-coincidence?

iCloud, my Cloud: Pie-in-the-Sky Cloud!

Over a week ago I reported my migration to iCloud threw up some issues with my address book not translating in either direction, or only in part.
After two sessions that resolved some issues, it was migrated to LEVEL 3 troubleshooting in which they gave me a temporary password so that they could monitor live the transactions.
Well, one week on, I still have problems.
First, in my Publishers category, one of my main clients Penguin Group, had been deleted from my iPhone (which I only discovered while in London trying to contact them re. a meeting), while it remained intact on the iCloud and all other devices.
Today I discovered that, in my Printers category, half the list is missing from the iCloud version, as seen through Safari, whereas it was complete on all devices!?
Contacted my level 2 adviser to inform him of this today.