Tuesday, 23 February 2010

New kids reviews and nice story from Tunisia

I receive three ace reviews last week from kids:
Lucy Ferguson, age: 12
“Wow! i read this in a day! i couldnt stop reading it! I will start to read it again tomorrow :) thanks to Alan gilliland for writing such a gripping and awesome book :)”

Eleanor Francis, age: 9
“WOW!! That was probably the best book I've ever read!!! The Illustrations were fantastic and it kept me enthralled from the first to the last word!! I will definately try to go to Yorkshire to see Nook and Cranny...!”

Nicholas McDonald, age: 12
“I'm so happy that I met Mr Gilliland at Waterstones, Peacock Center, Woking. I read it in 5 days, I couldn't put it down, I love it so much!
My favourite characters were Sweenie and Pilgrim Crow because they were both cool and funny. I can't wait till The Ineffable Emperor comes out!
The book should be turned into a hollywood movie (i love the place hollywood in the book!) I love the book!”

and a nice story from the grandfather of a girl from Tunis:
“Our daughter is married to a Tunisian film director and they have two lovely daughters – Lily, aged 9, and Sarra,7. They come over for Christmas each year and they met you in Waterstone’s in Guildford and bought your book. They were immensely excited to meet an author, as they are great readers and you were the first.
I began reading your book to them that evening and thought it would be too difficult, for them for a year or two. Their first language is colloquial Arabic; they are fluent in English and work in classical Arabic and French at school. Their skill in languages never ceases to astonish me. Lily picked up your book again the next day and never stopped. She adored it and has been pressing me to ensure I get the sequel for her as soon as it appears.
I thought you would like to know this story, If you were able to send Lily a message I know she would be over the moon” (which I did)
and here is her review:
Lilz, aged 10, Tunis, Tunisia. *****
Great Book: "This was the best book I have ever read.
It’s different to any other book I've ever read. There are animals that talk, men made out of rock and a bird with two heads and fingers instead of wings and scales instead of feathers. I can't wait until the next book."

Now that’s enough to cheer the most miserable author, don’t you think? (see previous post)