Friday, 14 June 2013

Bear paws through Curd the Lion book.

Ok. Couldn’t resist this opportunity to show my readership goes Waaay beyond just Man-cubs.

ISBN 9780955548611. Hardback £14.99. 80 plus illustrations. Widely available, but if you like, buy through this site:
Why? Because they kindly made it a ‘Book and Debut of the Year’ and still keep it on their
‘Essential Reads.’

Working now on an iBooks Author version, with multi-levels, including secrets revealed (apart from the Minorbore’s riddle that no one has yet solved!), a geolocation enabled map for people who really want to follow my Animals’ adventure, and hopefully little animations and other interesting asides.

(original bear pic, below, was found, unattributed, on a news item – happy to acknowledge if anyone can tell me who took it – love it!)