Wednesday, 22 July 2020

CURD THE LION ON 32,000+ WORLDWIDE. (Oh, and an old Alice in Wonderland poster)

No news is good news, right?
Well, if you class being ignored by British publishers as being no news, and iff you class that as good news, well then...
(But at least some kids are buying and reading it, somewhere in the world)

So, to keep my multitudinous blog readership happy, as Delia Smith would say: “Here’s one I prepared earlier...”

Poster drawn for my kids’ school play in 1986? Now suitably aged?
Which character is your favourite?
I thought Alice is big enough already and doesn’t need to be blown up!

The old twelve ball conundrum

I was just reminded of my ‘triumphant’ [ ;) ] solution to a mathematics puzzle while at the The Daily Telegraph!
It had evaded a young man (80+) ever since since uni days and he wrote to the paper asking to know the answer before he popped his clogs.
Normally solved algebraically (which I can’t stand), I solved it in my lunch break at the D.T. visually.
Checked by proper mathematicians and approved - this was published the next day (along with an algrebraic solution on another page)


(Obviously, click on each to see whole image)


This is for the delight of all those who don’t get on with algebra!