Friday, 12 June 2009

First Translation rights sale!

To a South Korean publisher who apparently normally goes for award-winning foreign books and has asked for all my future work to consider!

Library Information Show

This irregular blogger went there this week, exhibiting on the IPG (Independent Publishers Guild) stand in my first attempt to draw librarians into awareness of my book.
I hope that my cunning ploy of allowing them to read half the book on CD will engage them to the extent that they feel they really really must read the rest (and buy for their libraries!).
It seemed to generate a lot of interest and I was very pleased when a librarian from a London School came to tell me she had bought the book last week and had not been able to lay her hands on the book since putting it in the library because it was always being read together by a huddle of kids on the floor. Ace!
I would like to thank all those who have taken the trouble to send me reviews, but would love lots more.
Librarians please give your kids the chance to discover Curd and his friends? Come on, you Re-eads!