Friday, 2 September 2011

The Flight of Birds – new review

Book Review: The Flight of Birds by Alan Howard
Posted on by Martyn Drake

A gripping and hugely intriguing ghost story..
After the death of her mother, Kate Pegler moves to a small village with her father where she befriends a local boy whose father works on the estate of the Tercel family. But things take a strange twist when Kate encounters the mysterious Shabby Tattler whose very appearance triggers a series of strange events in which Kate finds out about the terrible massacre that took place back in the village during the Elizabethan times. Kate’s future lies in the past and terrible secrets and revelations come to the surface. I shall say no more, as to do so would spoil things. Intrigue is the key here.
I absolutely loved the story. Alan has created a rich history filled with high drama through to delicate relationships and some truly shocking moments.
Go buy this book.

Alan Gilliland / Alan Howard joint summer signing tour comes to an end.

With enormous thanks to the staff of all those Waterstone’s stores who so kindly hosted us from Exeter to Ipswich.

We sold 1,100 books between us, with Alan Howard edging 100 ahead in sales but Alan Gilliland beating him for profitability, so we agreed to call it a draw.