Friday, 22 June 2012

The Flight of Birds – White Edition out next month

My Gothic ghost tale set on the South Downs in Sussex, England, between Elizabethan England and today, is to have two versions from the end of July.



The ‘White’ edition has a different, more lyrical, beginning and ending, leading more naturally to the second book-within-a-book, ‘Daisy Chain.’ It is not a cop-out – I wrote both alternatives originally and chose the ‘Black’ version to publish first.

The first print run of the dark edition is coming to an end and so I have chosen to experiment during my summer signing tour of Waterstone’s branches, with both printed digitally rather than lithographically. It will enable me to see just how many people opt for a ‘happy’ rather than ‘tragic’ ending. I will be able to order copies, changing the balance as the demand dictates.

Wish me luck!