Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Curd the Lion for iPad

It should have been out by now, but I was totally let down by a Norwegian App developer, who had promised to create it but just abandoned it.

So now I am creating my own iPad book using iBooks Author.

It will have:
• an introductory slide show (to be replaced by an audio-slideshow),

• the story itself with 80 illustrations

• each chapter will have a map symbol at the start. Clicked, it will show the real map location and the Animals route (as roughly explained in the intro). Where you are on the map at that point of the story highlighted. This is the start of a photo slide-show of that part of the route. ie. 18 photographic route guides. (for instance, at the end of your own adventure, you may even meet two of my nonsense characters!)

• an addendum featuring all the creatures. Click on these and you will see the origins of their names (not often what you might think they are*) or other points of interest, mythological, historical, etc., and explanations of some of the hidden things in the book.

I hope this will interest now and future readers.
The audio-visual intro will be simultaneously put on YouTube to try to drum up more interest.

For details of the book, read other parts of this blog, or go to  the great book website:

*For instance, you might think the name, Professor Balloonafuss (the moon), comes from his hot-air balloon form. But no, along with many others, it comes from the world of mythology, calenders and alphabets. In this case, the ancient Celtic Ogham alphabet, whose first letters are:
Beth, Luis, Nion, Fearn and Saille. This tree-alphabet betters are also the first five months of the lunar calendar as explained in ‘The White Goddess’ by Robert Graves.

And that’s just one character.