Friday, 23 October 2009


At Frankfurt Raven’s Quill exhibited on the IPG (Independent Publishers Guild) stand with a UKTI grant and while Emily (Henderson, RQ rights and marketing director) manned? the stand I scurried round all the halls looking for editors’ contact details if not the editors themselves.
Less of a jamboree this year, many publishers sent only their rights people, but we are attracting more publishers from abroad and Emily met representatives from our two of our agents, Big Apple Tuttle-Mori and Ilustrata. Several publishers asked to see pdfs of the book (and the first of RQs other books, ‘The Flight of Birds’).
I don’t know whether I mentioned we had already sold translation rights to a South Korean publisher via our other agent, Amo Agency.
I am currently, when I can get time out from fulfilling my Penguin illustration contracts, trying to organise as many signings as I can get between now and Christmas to try raise our sales from the current 4,000-odd to as close to 6,000 as possible (we aim to clear 6,000 by the end of the Easter hols!)
Also from Frankfurt, Osprey and Casemate will hopefully become my graphics clients, to add to The Penguin Group, Hachette Partworks, Brown Reference Group, the Ivy Group and others (no point in not plugging my graphics work – just in case anyone reads this).
Ditto here’s the Lovereading website stuff on Curd:
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