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Leading up to Bologna - an ever-so-nice-review

Today had this ever so nice review of my book from a book blogger.
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Wednesday of Whimsy #1- Curd the Lion
Posted on March 17, 2010 by 5minutespeace

The first to feature in ‘Wednesday of Whimsy’ and in competition for one of the longest titles in children’s literature is The Amazing Adventures of Curd the Lion (and us) in the Land at the Back of Beyond by Alan Gilliland (author and illustrator) …sound confused? Yes I was too.

ISBN.9780955548611 published by Raven’s Quill

I think if I explained the story to you, it’s safe to assume you would still be confused but I will tell you this. This is a fantastic book where you really can escape into another world with pets Curd the lion, Pilgrim crow, Sweeney the heenie and O’flattery the snake. I bet you can’t offer any better pet names.

The tale follows twins Henry and Henrietta who live in a cottage near the land at the back of beyond…the sort of place you know nothing about yet stop and stare at everytime you go near it. This place is a place where dodongs and emporors live and promises to offer a wealth of dreams to the children who enter it through Gilliland’s illustrations.

I truly believe the illustrations really sets this story apart from others. Because Gilliland is the author and illustrator he has the scope of understanding what needs to be shown through his drawings. His illustrations fill every page and make it a joy to turn the page. A most wonderful, inspiring book. The kids will dream for days about far away lands with talking insects and things with two heads.

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