Friday, 10 June 2011

Booklaunch at Waterstone’s Chichester/booksigning Saturday ditto.

Went to launch of Isabel Ashdown’s* new book, ‘Hurry up and wait’ last night.
Met the usual bunch of people I didn’t know – now know more than I meant to meet and met more than I mean to know (exit Bilbo, stage left, in confusion).

It was fun, though, seeing a how real book is launched (mine are to the crackle of champagne and the popping of crisps in my kitchen).

We exchanged books, Isabel and I, sealing a friendship forged through the fiery intermediation of the Great Beast of @family of beasts (see earlier post) in the echoing abyss of Twitter not two days ago. Sealed, I said, signed and delivered.

*(her first book ‘Glasshopper’ won Mail on Sunday novel prize –

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