Friday, 17 June 2011

Summer-tour-in-a-tent signings extravaganza!

Started booking my Summer signing tour yesterday (in the absence of my trusty promotions team) and have already signed up 28 venues from Exeter to Ipswich!

After my wife upended my red-pocket-rocket, my perfect Pug, last year…


She managed to steer it right between those two trees, down an embankment, overturn it and yet escape with just a bruised thigh and scratched arm! Spectacular, huh? (She crawled out of the back door – the side doors were jammed till two burlies yanked them open)

I now drive our grey metallic 207 turbo – Mr Q!
And pitch my 5-man tent (I’m bigger than I used to be) – alone and unaided

for five weeks – on strategically located hubs from Dorset to East Anglia, and sign in stores in towns radially reachable, returning home for the odd weekend – and that’s my summer holidays folks.
While all of you’s are sunning yourselves like beached whales on tropic sands or mediterranean shores
I work my little butt off.!

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