Friday, 24 February 2012

The Flight of Birds – Very nice review

After tweeting this,

Just finished The Flight of Birds - fantastic! it had me deferring theTimes Crossword on the commute to London each morning

Steve Sharpe, a Times Crossword  fanatic, very kindly wrote this review on Amazon:)

Title: If you enjoyed The Quincunx you will love this. 
Rating 5 Stars
“This is a truly astonishing book. The cleverly spun threads will draw you into a web of intrigue and mystery that will have you gripped throughout. If you enjoyed the Quincunx you will love this - I can't recommend it highly enough.”


  1. Afterthought: a kindly chap, who irritatingly does that crossword in 11-28 mins (timed to second) and had just sold company of which SVP for $2.5bn, he was so taken by The Flight of Birds that he came to the London Book Fair to hear me speak at the Children’s publishing innovation centre, where I was due to premier my Curd the Lion appp. Let down by my Norwegian app developer I instead had to recount my creating a viable business model from scratch instead. Meeting me afterwards, he extremely generously offered me the small sum of £10,000 which I sadly had to decline as he wanted a royalty and I had just acquired an agent and felt it would compromise any possibly future selling of rights to a publisher. Now working (very slowly) on creating my own iBooks Author app for Curd.

  2. Re. previous. I thought, and I’m sure you’ll agree, that two ‘insteads’ stand one in better stead than one.