Thursday, 25 October 2012

Folio Society’s facsimile edition: David Attenborough’s Edward Lear Bird illustrations

The Folio Society are bringing out the most amazing edition of David Attenborough’s bird illustrations. At £895 a snip!

Delighted to announce a new limited edition: David Attenborough's bird prints by Edward Lear, published in facsimile

My dear friend Shabby Tattler (Right) insists I blog his (hah, hah) own watercolour set of birds painted for The Daily Tussock-grass (the UK’s leading ornithological ragwort).

He apologizes for the quality of reproduction here, but reminds me he kindly donated the originals to “cheer up” the gloomy cancer ward where my daughter was treated (successfully).

This cormorant he feels closest to in spirit, he says.

Personally I prefer the subtle monchromatic hues of his arctic tern

He counters with the gaudy oriole...

And parry with a holy roller!

Lost for birds, he fishes about for a reply...

Wild brown trout makes better eating – farmed rainbow, boxed ready for supermarket shelves

“Nuts!” I say, that’s no watercolour, that’s just crayon

Check this link to a recent illustrated proposal in my blog, aimed at the Folio Society – or some illustration-loving publisher! LINK

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