Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Privacy in the Age of Surveillance.

“Anything (and everything) you write, or say, or do, will be taken down and used in evidence...”

We’re all on trial, here, in this Age of Surveillance.
No Blakean Songs of Innocence and Experience. but that we will be led ultimately, like lambs to the slaughter.

However, despair not, ye citizens of the New Jerusalem!
Be ye not overheard in your cups or in discourse with intimate friends!

The Bracelet of Privacy is at hand, or wrist, enabling discretion to be your watch-word!

No snooping smart phone, watch or speaker may overhear your most private moments shared..
With this amazing Privacy Bracelet, today’s must-have wearable Jammer!

This handy wearable gadget blanks out all such with white noise, inaudible to the human ear, preserving your indiscretions or intimate desires from the Google-eyed gaze (well. -eared) of the Bezoses of the internet of all things, with its multi-speakered, omni-directional shield, enabling you to speak as you may have done twenty years ago without regard for the consequences (assuming, of course, you have no ‘leaky’ friends).

Photo: credit Chicago University.

You can find out the technical wizardry behind this gizmo developed by Chicago Uni tecchies here:

But, fear not, ye of little endowment (financially), we have the answer for you, too!
Just nip down to your local pet shop, buy one of these, and fool and amaze all your friends with your  wearable “Snoop-Dog Jammer’!

*But seriously, a few years down the line and with a bracelet sized device, you will be able to even tell off your kids without fear of the Thought Police a knocking on your door.

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