Friday 28 June 2024

SUB or OVER Stacked?

 A week or so ago I somehow found myself accidentally ‘subscribed’ (sucked into) to a new ‘literary?’ blog-like medium (like X – but long-form), called ‘Sub stack’ 

– which I am coming to think should be called ‘Me-me-stack’ (listen to ME! and pay ME for the privilege of hearing my VERY IMPORTANT musings, prefaced of course with a self-deprecating “I am so grateful to you (suckers) who make this possible (for me to make money advising you).

The peculiar thing is that, unwittingly, I have given my email address away to this blog site so that I now am inundated daily with the opportunity to read daily opinion columns or diaries pontificating on an ever-increasing rage of subjects coupled with requests to dive deeper (into my wallet) to benefit from the treasure trove hidden therein 

and join communities of like-minded ‘seekers’ who may even gain the privilege of communicating with the said Guru on occasion or participate in ‘events’ that will leave me assuredly more wise, knowledgeable and impecunious.\


But with so many Gurus, so many invitations – and so little time – I am at a loss as to which to choose? 

Is there a Sub-stack blog on that?

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